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7 Sep 16

MS Waikato Trust

MS Waikato Trust
PO Box 146

Client Services Coordinator:
Tracy Hobbs
PO Box 146
Hamilton, NZ

Tel: (07) 834 4745
Mob (027) 385 5425

Email: Tracy Hobbs
Web site: www.mswaikato.org.nz

Working in the community for the benefit of people with Multiple Sclerosis and other allied neurological disorders including Huntington's Disease. We currently have 25 HD clients.

Tracy Hobbs is now the Support Coordinator and her DDI number is (07) 834 4745.

The Society is contracted to Midland Health to provide support to Huntington's families:

home visits if requested

set up and facilitate Support Group meetings

a local Society Newsletter to those on mailing list

in-service in nursing homes

liaison between other health professionals on behalf of HD clients; occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietitians, GPs, specialists, Northern Region Genetic Services

The Society has 25 HD clients, but when a seminar on 'HD & Dementia" was organised, 340 attended.

Our District and membership stretches from Taumaranui in the south; north through the Waikato to the Bombay Hills and east to include Thames and the Coromandel Peninsula. Membership is open to all.

Being affiliated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society we have access to a large and up-to-date data base of information about Multiple Sclerosis and allied neurological disorders. National office has access to information on the latest developments and treatments world wide.

Client Base:
Though people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) account for 80% of our 270 clients, the balance have allied neurological conditions such as Anklosing Spondylitis, Arachnoiditis Myodil, Cerebal Palsy, Frierreichs Ataxia, Huntington's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Myalgic Encephalomyetlitis (ME), Parkinson's Disease and Vasculitis. Half of these clients are in Hamilton City and the remainder scattered throughout the district.

We currently support people with MS, HD, Arachoiditis Myodil, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalopathy(ME)/ Chronic Fatigue(CFS).

We provide a wide range of efficient services to our many clients who select those services they require. We endeavour to meet their needs in the shortest possible time.

Support Co-ordinator:
The Support Co-ordinator has empathy with the client, is conversant with policies and has the knowledge to access resources that best suit the needs of the current situation through assessment of needs, facilitation of entitlements, advocacy, counselling and referals. As well, the Support Co-ordinator provides information and education and the promotion of the Society to clients and families, carers, the medical profession, funding providers and the community. Due to the on-going service provided, the Social Worker is well placed to pick up the changing needs of the client through the course of the neurological condition.

Is provided on behalf of clients, individually and collectively, when appropriate or necessary.

The Support Co-ordinator maintains an on-going liaison with Community Health Services, home care providers, counselling agencies, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, neurologists and Income Support.

Support Groups:
Additional support for clients is achieved through Support Groups, which are currently established in Hamilton, Te Awamutu and Thames.

We recruit and train volunteers to assist with the goals of our organization. Seminars & Social Activities:
The work of Support Groups is further enhanced by seminars and other social activities that are arranged for members of the Society.

We run exercise and yoga classes in Hamilton.

Publicity, Education and Information:
Much from our national office, including handbooks covering different aspects of neurological conditions.

We have a library containing information on a wide range of topics included in books, videos, DVDs and CDs.

Producing regular issues of our newsletter is an important way of conveying information to our clients and members who also receive our National Newsletter.

Of clients is paramount and small grants given in the case of special need or emergency.

In Hamilton assistance with transport is available through subsidized fares under the Total Mobility taxi scheme.

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