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Issue 100, March 2008

Amaryllis House 2008

It's hard to believe that it's three and a half years since we opened.

We have thirteen permanent residents and one respite bed that is used regularly, which means that we have full occupancy.

We are really enjoying the beautiful weather in Wellington and have been able to take the residents out to the beaches and parks etc.

A weekly BBQ cooked by one of our residents is a favourite with everyone.

We are awaiting the arrival of a new van which will mean that we will be able to take all of the residents out into the community including those in the large specialised chairs.

We have been very fortunate to receive a generous donation from the Freemasons in Tawa to use for the residents. We are planning a day trip with a catered picnic for the residents in the near future before the end of summer.

Considerable progress has been made over the last three and a half years particularly in the management of challenging behaviours.

Recently we have looked back at the protocols put in place to manage difficult behaviours and realised how successful they have been. This has highlighted the importance of resident and family involvement with dedication and consistent support of staff.

We now feel that the support provided for nutrition and managing swallowing difficulties has developed to a high level of expertise, and this is evidenced by the minimisation of chest problems.

We are receiving phone calls on a regular basis from all over the country asking our advice in how best to support those with HD.

Hopefully this means that more residential support for people with HD will eventuate throughout the country as a result of the knowledge and experience gained at Amaryllis House.

We will continue to support with dignity, respect and above all understanding.

Margaret Simmons,
Manager of Amaryllis House
Anne Edwards,
Care Manager

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