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Issue 92, March 2006

A message from Beth Gordon

Thank you and my sincere wishes for all your futures

It is ten years since I first met John Oswin and the Auckland Huntingtons’ Disease Trust and since I was introduced into significant groups of people who are part of the New Zealand Associations of Huntington’s Disease. Over these ten years I have been privileged to meet and be included into the lives of many families, all of who are influenced by the inherited nature of the Huntingtin Gene.

So much is changing since the completion of the Genome Project, the availability of medical genetic testing, developments in clinical management and of course research in its many forms and directions. There is ever a feeling of hope and our HD family members in New Zealand are there willing and pleased to be research participants to enable our researchers to be part of the global teams.

But it is through so many individuals that I have been able to learn and to pass on my greater insights, understanding and knowledge when timely and appropriate. The amount of public information available is ever increasing and can therefore be overwhelming to all of us. Not only overwhelming, but in many instances totally inappropriate and open to misinterpretation. Through my role with Auckland-Northland families I have been most grateful to them when I experience the reality of applying information. Each person has unknowingly acted as my mentor, teacher, auditor and quality controller.

Each has also provided much reason for continuing and the motivation to “take battles” to the government providers on their behalf. Each has also endorsed the mandate for us and the committee/trust members to continue to provide Family Liaison Services. Unfortunately I am unable to name all of you personally but please accept my thanks for providing such a rewarding and memorable ten years. My life journey, my values and my appreciation for the greater experiences in life have been enhanced so much.

Having reached retirement age last year, having a colleague to ensure continuity and having extra family/personal commitments, with very mixed feelings, I resigned at the end of 2005.

And so I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to those I have met upon the way and to wish each of you many memorable moments in your future. May strength be shared among you, your loved ones, friends, the HD community to ensure that each of you are enabled to participate in living to your utmost.

When you see me, please stop and talk. I hope to travel about New Zealand as I revisit friends, family and research family history.

With Aroha,
Beth Gordon

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