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Issue 95, December 2006

Carers ABC Of Well-Being

Aware - be aware that you do need some time for yourself, time to go out and have some fun.

Be on your own or with others. Whatever works best for you.

Crisis management. Working things out with someone else can be like a tonic for the whole system.

Dance with someone or on your own.

Explore local parks, your local community. You may be surprised what's on offer in your own neighbourhood.

Friendships and intimacy can give energy and support.

Gardening. Whether in a pot or a paddock. Plant something and watch it grow.

Healthy outlook We all need it. A positive and friendly outlook can have measurable health benefits.

Imagination. Imagine activities that are not part of your daily routine. Be as creative as you can. Do them!

Join in with local activities. Join a club. Your local neighbourhood centre or council is a great place to start.

Kindness. Simple acts of kindness can start new friendships. Simple things like helping a neighbour or saying hello can be beneficial for both parties.

Libraries for reading, listening and talking. Contact your local library for events and activities.

Music, music and more music! Listen, play or create. Turn on your radio, attend a free concert in the park, get involved in a local choir or simply sing in the shower.

Neighbours. How well do you know yours? Saying hello or giving them a wave can create a real sense of community.

Outdoors. Check out your local park, beach, sports ground. Get out and feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your face.

Participation. Involvement in your community can do wonders for you and others. Get involved!

Quiet times are important. Make sure you take time each day for some peace and quiet.

Reading. Read for your own enjoyment or for the benefit of others - read to someone else.

Social connection. We do better, are happier and more productive if we feel connected to other people. Join in social outings or start your own.

Troubles are a part of life. Take time to talk them over, talk to a Social Worker.

Under pressure or unsure? Talking it over with someone can help.

Variation. Variety is the spice of life. Try new things; make an attempt to learn something new.

Walking. Alone or with others. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, good for the body and good for the mind.

Xercise both your body and your goodwill, each has a positive effect on the body and mind.

Youthful outlook. Think young, be young. Talk to a young person; get a youthful perspective on things.

Zest. With more laughter, exercise, positive outlook and participation you'll have more zest in your day.

"Contact" Victorian HD Newsletter August/September 2006 Number 32

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