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Issue 96, March 2007

Regional News

Auckland/Northland | Waikato | Wellington | Christchurch
Auckland/Northland News

Welcome to 2007, our contact numbers have changed, sorry for any inconvenience but this change will offer a better service for the H.D population within our area

New contacts are office
Tel: (09) 815 9703
Fax: (09) 815 9704
Mobile: 027HDAUCKL (027 4328255)

Tel: 0800HDAUCK (0800 432825)

Programme for 2007

Carers day
Neurological awareness day
Field workers support day

Gene positive group
Northland visit


Carers day
Northland visit

Gene positive group

Northland visit
Fun day

Office Hours
I currently try to get to the office most days to clear emails, mail etc. When I am away from the office I am able to collect voice messages so please leave name and contact number and I will return your call A.S.A.P. Most of my work is carried out in family's homes but I can arrange to meet with you at the office too.

On behalf of the Auckland and Northland families, I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the committee members who have again worked hard on gaining funding for the growing Auckland association.

Thank you to everybody for your support.

Jo Dysart

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Waikato News

My name is Deb Nagel and I have been employed by MS Waikato Trust to support Huntingtons clients and their families in the Waikato Region.

This is a really exciting newly created position lifting the workload from Liz Hogan and offering Huntingtons clients/families more time.

I started work in mid January and have already had the privilege of meeting some of you. At this stage the HD Support group meetings and Carers Coffee Group will continue to meet every 2 months.

First coffee group of the year is on the 3rd of March at the Piko Café. Next support group meeting on April 16th.Hope to see you there.

My hours of work are flexible as I endeavour to meet the needs of you all and keep up with my own 3 school age children. I work 20 hours per week and will have Thursdays off. Mornings are usually the best time to call but I have a mobile and am happy to talk anytime.

My contact details are on the back page and it would be great to hear from any of you.

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Wellington News

(Covering the following Wellington Huntington's Disease Association employee areas: Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wellington, Wairarapa, and Gisborne).

Carla Perry - I have done two presentations to rest homes, with good attendance. These presentations aim to inform caregivers about Huntington's disease, and the role the Association plays in supporting families and professional caregivers in supporting people affected by Huntington's Disease.

We have yet to begin our social/support group meetings in Wanganui, but I hope to have them back up and running by the end of Feb or sometime in March.

Lynn Farrow - Happy New Year. I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Over the past few weeks I have been busy making arrangements for the next Youth Camp we are holding from 18-21 April at El Rancho in Waikanae. If you know of any youth from HD families aged between 12 and 18 please do mention the camp to them. There is still room for a few more participants.

The swimming group at the Hutt Hospital has restarted and the carers coffee group has also had its first meeting of the year. If you would like to attend either of these please give me a call. New comers are always welcome.

Jane Harkness - The first support group meeting for the year has been held and there was a good attendance from families. The group is very willing to include new families and share knowledge and ideas, so please contact me if you think this group might be of support to you or someone you know.

The Ironman - A group of supporters will travel to Taupo to witness the time and efforts of Carly's training. Radio Live is going to be covering the Ironman until the afternoon and giving regular updates on Carly's progress. Carly and supporters will be wearing T-shirts with the HD logo, in an effort to raise awareness and develop understanding of the disease.

A "Hunt 4 Huntington's" is to be held on March 14th at The Amazing Maze 'N Maize in Hastings. The support group will help with this fund raising event and we hope it will be successful and lots of fun for the community. We are looking for prizes to attract the crowds, so door knocking is under way.

I am looking forward to the meeting with other social workers in March - always an important opportunity to learn and develop practice.

Gill Fraser - This year in Gisborne will be one of concentration on raising funds. We are a small little group so we are going to have to put our heads together for this.

The year is off to a slow start, half of our group are away or have been away, and we are in the process of organizing another support group meeting, the first for this year.

We sadly lost a couple of important people last year. One of those people was a client whose family have now gone overseas. Also we lost Jean Timms, an incredible lady who had done so much for HD and its cause over the years, she will be sadly missed.

Gisborne is also very willing to include new families, so please contact me if we can be of any help or support to you.

I am very much looking forward to attending the social workers meeting in March, and also to be able to visit Amaryllis House.

Carla, Jane, Lynn and Gill

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Christchurch News

It has been a busy start to the year with extra educational slots and our two groups are up and running.

Our carers group commenced with a specialist speaker on "swallowing". This topic has been an area of concern for most of our carers. For example, did you know that it takes 32 pairs of muscles coordinating precisely for swallowing to occur in a safe and efficient manner? Not surprising, that decreased muscular control and involuntary movements in Huntington's Disease can create challenges.

Our next Carers meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 4th April at the Linwood Library Community Room. Everyone is welcome. Please phone me for further details.

The recreation group held on the 4th Wednesday of the month is off to a good start this year with Ten-Pin bowling. We hope to look at horse riding, massage and our usual activities this year. Everyone is welcome. Please phone me for further details.

Lynne Switzer, Fieldworker

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