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Issue 98, September 2007

Symposium to Celebrate the Legacies
Created by Sir Roy McKenzie

On May 7 a group from the Wellington Association attended a Symposium at the Ilott Theatre of the Wellington Town Hall to celebrate, record and advance the legacies of our Patron, Sir Roy McKenzie.

Sir Roy McKenzie Sir Roy has been a wonderful supporter and benefactor of the Association for many years and more recently appointed as Patron. The Symposium, organized by the Rotary Club of Wellington and Victoria University, comprised addresses from 18 people, leaders in the community and philanthropy fields.

A record of the achievements and work of Sir Roy and his family were outlined, a family which has given away more than $100 million. The culmination of the afternoon was the launching of the Roy McKenzie Young Leaders Fund and the production of a book "Shaping the Future" which outlined the addresses of participants and provided a record of the legacies created by Sir Roy McKenzie.

The Wellington Association has copies of the following which may be borrowed:-

"Footprints" - The Autobiography of Sir Roy McKenzie.
"Giving it all away" - A DVD on the life and times of Sir Roy.
"Shaping the Future" - The book mentioned above.

Cecil O'Neale
Huntington's Disease Association (Wellington) Inc.

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