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Articles taken from the March 2004 Huntington's News. The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Disease Associations of New Zealand

Annual Camp

This year’s Annual Camp, the 12th such camp, was due to take place in mid-April. During past camps, the most important contributions to the success of the camp have been the interaction between campers, information sharing and mutual support and these require a certain number of participants. We believe that with only two months from the planned dates for the Camp, the number of registered participants is below that which would make a successful Camp. Many past campers have taken new employment responsibilities and social commitments, and their circumstances have changed. It would seem that at the moment the number of young people from Huntington’s families, who could come to the camp, is rather low.

 We regret that in view of the low numbers it has been decided that the Annual Camp will not take place this year but we still aim to have a camp next year, hopefully towards the end of January 2005

 I hope that this is not too disappointing for those who were planning to take part. Further information can be obtained from Dorothy Tortell, Senior Social Worker (Tel 04-384 4133, Mob 027-444 0520)