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Articles taken from September 2000  Huntington's News. The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Decease Associations of New Zealand

Auckland area news

 Events are held at the Neurological Support Centre 7A Taylors Road, Morningside.

 It is so amazing that the year has more than half gone. Spring is also well and truly underway as I write (27th July). For events coming up we have been using a telephone contact system established through the volunteer support of Barbara Jacques. She will gladly add people’s names to the telephone calling list, so that correct notification is provided in time.

 The AGM in June

 This was a very well attended function and rated as being positive, informative, and supportive. Professor Richard Faull was our guest speaker enthusing us about research and giving so much hope for the future
Welcome To:
Richard Faull – Our first Patron
Chris Lock – Our new President
Robert Taylor, Virginia Hogg, Barbara Jacques, & Chris Ward; our new committee members.

 The Office developments
Our information system is better organised – easier to get what people need. As well as the usual use of the office by the Association representatives and associates, we are launching a new initiative starting in September.
Regular access to Beth & Barbara at the office, the first Wednesday of each month 10-00am to 2-00pm. Office phone 09-815-4264.
So find ways of using the office, us, and the resources. Anything from sharing a cuppa, getting latest research data, talking or doing projects.
Further dates for 2000.
Recent and comings events/seminars
Committee meetings: Tuesday evenings 7-30pm. 11th July, 22nd August and the rest yet to be set.

 Seminars: Saturday mornings with a shared lunch to follow (10.00-1.00)

 19 August: Latest local initiatives – towards better futures.
Facilitators : Virginia Hogg/ Beth Gordon.

30th September : Being at risk or gene positive – sharing our successful strategies.
Facilitators: Genetic counsellors (to be confirmed)

End of year function: Sunday, 3rd December – to be confirmed.

 Probably much more to write about – the deadlines for submitting arrive so suddenly. Here’s an autograph I found in my Aunt’s autograph book written in 1923 – hope you appreciate the message applicable to us all:
In your golden chain of friendship, consider me a link.

 Beth Gordon