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Articles taken from the June 2000  Huntington's News  The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Decease Associations of New Zealand

Auckland Area News.

 The HD Association events are all held at the Neurological Support Centre, 7A Taylors Road, Morningside.

 Plans and challenges for 2000.
Committee Meetings are held about every six weeks on Tuesday evenings at 7-30pm.


 AGM: Tuesday 27th June at 7-30pm. Guest Speaker: Prof. Richard Faull.

 Saturday seminars and social lunches: On 11th March we welcomed our guest speaker, Ann Murphy from Focus 2000 and the Cerebral Palsy Trust. About 22 people attended and even though it was a cosy fit in the boardroom we had a worthwhile exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings. The shared lunch and chat followed.

27th May - Glenis Hall from the Heart Foundation will be our speaker: Fitness, nutrition and positive living, especially for HD family members.

 19th August – Topic : Latest local initiatives.

 30th September(note date change) – Topic: Being at risk or gene positive.

 Support Group: By request an invitation only evening session has been organised for 10th May. At the time of reading we will know whether further get togethers will eventuate. This session aims to provide the opportunity and time to meet people facing similar experiences and wanting information, tips and positive strategies about living with HD gene positive results.

 Volunteers wanted to:   1 – provide transport for those unable to
                                    2 – be active within the asso
                                     3 – do some fundraising.
                                     4 – provide friendship.

 Research: For those who may not be aware, the Auckland Field Officer is able to link people with the research options available through the University of Auckland: Brain Donor programme, Neuropsychology study, the HD research group meetings. The scientific results of the animal model for HD research is seen as a major development and we expect an increasing number of research studies through these animal models. Professor Faull will no doubt update us at the AGM.

 Keep the phone calls coming in – even though you have to cope with answer machines! Sorry! – Beth Gordon, Field Officer Ph: 480-2336 (home) 025-749-163 mobile. Office Ph: 815-4264.