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Articles taken from the Dec 2001  Huntington's News. The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Decease Associations of New Zealand


It is hard to believe it is nearly the end of another year. While it has been a very eventful and tragic year worldwide, our families have to continue dealing with the day-to-day problems which being part of a Huntington's family bring.

In June our Association held its A.G.M. and Mark Chapple, who attended this year's camp for young people from H.D. families as a 'helper' was our Guest Speaker and gave a most interesting talk about his experiences. (A report from Mark was also published in the March National Newsletter.)

As our Film Evening planned for 28 October had to be cancelled because of lack of support, we were very grateful to receive a generous donation of $1OOO from 'Folded Wings', a group of retired flight attendants in Christchurch who raise money each year for a designated charity, and this year we were the lucky recipients. They asked that it be used to help young people from Christchurch attend the next camp, and we have four attending the camp to be held in January who will benefit from this donation.

A big THANK YOU to all those who sold tickets in this year's School and Club Lottery which we take part in as a means of fundraising - we made a profit of $1288.89 and this will also be used to help towards camp costs and also the Christchurch Association's third share of the production of the National Newsletter. Unfortunately none of our tickets won the first prize - a Toyota car - and in case you missed seeing the results in the newspaper they were: 1st prize 28140; 2nd prize 39357; 3rd-5th prizes 27618, 18135, 57029. Perhaps the 1st prize will come to Christchurch next year!

An End-of-year Barbeque has been arranged for Sunday afternoon the 2nd December at the home of Mary and Ashley Gilmour. A notice has been sent to all our members as this Newsletter may not come out before that date. We are hoping some of the families who are new to the Association and who have perhaps
only met our Field Worker, Jaccy, will come along to meet those of us who have been involved for many years.

The members of the Christchurch Association wish you all a Happy and Relaxed Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year. Judith Baker