The Huntington's Scene In  New Zealand

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Articles taken from the Dec. 2002  Huntington's News. The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Disease Associations of New Zealand


 While collating the information from the Conference I was again reminded of its value and what a good two days it was – very well organised, extremely informative and a great opportunity to meet people from all over the country and share experiences.  Congratulations again to the Organising Committee for all their hard work and dedication.  (Special mention of Dorothy Tortell – what energy and commitment.  I cant imagine how we would cope without her.)  We would also like to thank MS Waikato Trust for their generous donation which has enabled us to increase the size of this Newsletter so that we can print all the information we have.

It just remains for me to wish you all a safe and happy Festive Season and trust that we will soon be able to enjoy some warm and settled weather.
Till 2003.

Mary HIron