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Articles taken from the SEPT,   2004 Huntington's News. The Quarterly Newsletter of the Huntington's Disease Associations of New Zealand


Greetings and welcome to the September issue of Huntington’s News.

We have a lot in the Readers Experience’s column in this issue, for which I thank you very much.

It has been suggested that a column for "Young People" is needed. What would you ‘Young People’ like? Would you like to have your own column? You may contact me either by post or email me at either way your responses will be kept strictly confidential, if that is your wish. So come on ‘Young People’, let’s have your ideas; it is your Newsletter too. A website that may be of interest to you is

HD Wellington is very excited at the prospect of their soon to be officially opened Amaryllis House

(See Wellington Regional News for further info).

Glenys Shepherd