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Huntingtons - A Family Perspective Contributions Wanted

My name is Pauline DeLury, a mother of a son with JHD and two young people at risk. I am currently researching/writing a book on Huntingtons Disease for families from a family perspective. Not only will it be a practical handbook but I hope, a teaching tool for professionals and researchers. I would like to give other families the opportunity to be involved in the book either anonymously or fully credited. All families living with Huntingtons share something in common and that is - our experiences are unique and only we know what it is truly like. If you have something to share, however small or large please get in touch with me at or 64 Power Rd, Greymouth. If you would rather talk over the phone call me on 03 7685258  - You don't have to be a writer to share something, so, if you are a mother, father, brother, sister,son or daughter,grandparent or extended family member this is your chance to speak out about your experiences/concerns/challenges/hopes/grief/love of living with Huntingtons or Juvenile Huntingtons Disease. Strict confidentiality assured at your request.

Warm Regards Pauline DeLury