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13 Dec 2017

Keeping Myself Well Using
Naturopathic Medicines and Natural Therapies

(Judy Lyon's 2002 Conference presentation)
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By April 2000 most of my body was in spasm, the muscles flooding and my HD symptoms became intrusive. Grant Morgan eventually gave me an Acuhealth unit, which is an electronic, self-treatment acupuncture stimulator used on Voll’s Points for nerve degeneration. The response was immediate. I used it for 18 months. It also had points for allergies. After stimulating them I no longer get carsick and can stand loud music!

My body was normal. There were no tight muscles. I had balance and co-ordination I had never had before. I could resume a normal life so much so that by April 2001, with my Physical Trainer and my planning I was fit enough to ski for 4 magnificent weeks in Europe.

On my return Dorothy Tortell, the Social Worker for the Wellington HDA, asked me to find some information on ‘herbalists and things like that’, because some of her clients were asking for that information. We agreed that she could use it herself, publish it in the Newsletter and place it on our web site. 12 months later I finished it. ‘ Naturopathic Medicines and Natural Therapies’ is now on the web site and Dorothy asked me to speak on it at this Huntington’s conference, September 2002.

In August 2001 my brain was clear, but by September and my 60th birthday things started deteriorating again. Bridget, my daughter, suggested I find a homoeopath, because when I had had my predictive test results, she found her homoeopath very useful in being able to talk things over with.

My osteopath suggested Gwyneth Evans, the principal of the Homoeopathic School in Tawa. I arrived at her clinic, my muscles were in spasm and were deteriorating fast, with all the old HD symptoms, and insomnia. Her remedy was 2 drops of Plumbum daily, a homoeopathic medicine.

In February 2002, taking the advice from the HDLighthoue, I started taking Creatine tablets.
‘Since 1993 creatine has been a popular supplement for endurance athletes.

Creatine was shown to protect against chemical induced HD in mice in January 1998. Now it is shown that creatine also protects mice carrying the mutant HD gene. Mice that have creatine as 2% of their diet live about 17%longer. More creatine decreases the gain. It is a good bet that creatine will help HD in humans’ wrote Jerry Lampson, HDLighthouse.

But the sodium in my tablets accumulated in me and helped caused the stress symptoms I have been experiencing. I was making slow progress with my HD symptoms and my sleeping hormones were slowly developing. By March 2002 however things were deteriorating. I was unable to participate socially, my HD symptoms were back, my muscles hurt, and my brain was slowing down. To help me sleep I took 2 Imovane but woke 3ish. My mouth and throat were continually irritating. I was ravenous all the time.

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Appreciation and thanks must go to Judy Lyon for compiling the wealth of information available
on this site, and to Graham Taylor for maintaining the original site for so long.

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