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HD Publications

Handbook on Health and Nutrition, Edited by Dorothy Tortell

Handbook on Health and Nutrition

for those with Huntington's Disease

Edited by Dorothy Tortell, Social Worker
HD Association (Wellington)

The Huntington's Disease Association recognizes the special health and nutritional needs of its members and strives to provide them with the best and latest advice and information. This handbook was compiled from published and unpublished imformation which exists in New Zealand and overseas as well as the invaluable knowledge provided by HD families.

Chapters On:

Nutritional Requirements
Food Selection Food Preparation and Mealtimes
Swallowing Difficulties
Dental Care
Exercises and Relaxation
Food Tips and Recipes
Finding Further Advice and Informatiom

Handbook on health and Nutrition for those with Huntington’s Disease

Order from:
Wellington Huntington’s Disease Association Inc
P O Box 30-420
Lower Hutt 5040
New Zealand

Or email : info.wellingtonhda@xtra.co.nz

Cost $10.00(NZ) plus p&p
Published by The Huntington's Disease Association of Wellington
84 pages.

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