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From Jean E. Miller in the USA
January 2008

Huntington's Disease Video Awareness Theatre
"This site is dedicated to the efforts of those people living with Huntington's Disease who have taken precious time out of their life to create awareness about the disease! Whether it has been done at the local level through fund raising, support to others living with HD, through local or national media news coverage, or through their own personal documentary efforts, the rest of the HD community can not thank you enough!

"Besides the personal one's made, like NYA Jacey's wonderful tributes to her 'Lil sis & Dad, there is a GREAT training 10 minute video under the link Caring For Someone With Huntington's Disease called "A Practical Guide to Managing Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties in HD". We need 100 more video's of this type too! There's also several great Woody & Arlo Guthrie video's. There's so many of Arlo on YouTube, I couldn't link them all!

"So many of these would make awareness video's for HD fund raisers or other events. If anyone knows how to download the video onto a home computer from these sites, please share how! I'd love to use the one on swallowing in HD to give to local facilities caring for someone with HD!

"Hope you like having all of these in one place! If you know of a link to a video about HD, please let me know it and I'll link it!"

Email Jean Miller

Articles from the International Huntingtons Association

Highlights from Toronto - August 2003.
The World Congress on HD, scheduled for Toronto, Canada, in August did not go ahead as planned due to the "big blackout". However a smaller, revised conference was held for those who were able to get to Toronto. Here are some of the highlights of that conference.

Other Articles

How Huntington’s Disease Affects The Brain
A Compilation of Facts By Jean Miller
First, and foremost, as most of you know I am in NO way, shape or form a medical or clinical professional nor do I have any plans to become one! I am only one human being who has lived with Huntington's Disease since 1983 and, over those years, have learned that HD affects people differently primarily because of how the disease affects different area's of the brain. So, inmy unprofessional opinion, atrophy of specific area's in the brain caused by Huntington's disease can be directly relatedto the changes seen in an individual's judgment, memory, and other cognitive functions experienced in people with HD.

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