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The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand
"The ten years, 1990 to 2000, were declared the United Nations Decade of the Brain. It was, therefore an opportune time for the Human Brain Research Group, headed by Professor Richard Faull, to be granted funds by the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand to purchase a -80ºC chest freezer, thus establishing the Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank. It is the only human brain bank in New Zealand, located in the Division of Anatomy with Radiology at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Auckland."

  • Huntington’s disease research news
  • In plain language
  • Written by scientists
  • For the global HD community

What is HDBuzz?
HDBuzz is the first internet portal for the rapid dissemination of high-quality Huntington’s disease (HD) research news to the global community, written in plain language, by HD clinicians and scientists. It covers laboratory and clinical research, with the aim of helping HD people to understand the latest HD science, on their own terms.

All content is disseminated from hdbuzz.net via free syndication to other HD community websites, blogs and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Who are you?
HDBuzz was founded by Dr Ed Wild and Dr Jeff Carroll, HD scientists in the UK and USA, respectively. We recruited a number of people to help — see the people page. Everyone involved is already active in the HD community, in various capacities.

Is HDBuzz impartial?
We hope so. We go to great lengths to be impartial in our reporting:
We don’t accept funding from any drug company or organization with a vested interest in a particular treatment or technology.
No funding organization gets any editorial control over HDBuzz content. An oversight committee of independent clinicians, scientists and lay community members meets regularly to ensure our content is impartial, scientifically accurate and understandable. All our authors make financial disclosure statements, which they review whenever they contribute new content.

Please check out this excellent website at hdbuzz.net

Appreciation and thanks must go to Judy Lyon for compiling the wealth of information available
on this site, and to Graham Taylor for maintaining the original site for so long.

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