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Huntington's Disease Association Wellington

HD (Wellington) Inc.
PO Box 30 420

Chairperson: Colin Wiggins
Tel: (04) 234 7493
Mob: (021) 804 484

Huntington's Advisor:
Jeanette Wiggins
(Greater Wellington area)
Tel: (04) 569 3252
Mob: (021) 344 445
Email: Jeanette Wiggins

Huntington's Advisor: Karen Evans
(Taranaki/Wanganui/Palmerston North)
PO Box 30420
Lower Hutt 5040

Tel: (06) 213 0307
Mob: (027) 496 6500
Email: Karen Evans

Huntington's Advisor: Jocelyn Pack
(Hawkes Bay and Gisborne)
Tel: (06) 836 5225
Mob: (027) 333 1572
Email: Jocelyn Pack hawkesbayhda@gmail.com

Huntington's Advisor: Cheryl Morley
PO Box 1020
Tel: (06) 868 8878
Mob: (027) 686 9432
Email: Gisborne HD

General Enquiries
Email: enquiries


The Huntington's Disease Association (Wellington) Inc. has a small committee of volunteers who meet every six to eight weeks. It employs four Huntington's Advisors and receives funding through membership fees, donations, bequests and fundraising.

The Annual General meeting is usually held in September or October. New members are always welcome.

  • To increase understanding and knowledge among the general public of Huntington's Disease and the way it affects individuals and families.
  • To ensure that all those affected by Huntington's Disease have access to relevant, up to date, highest quality information.
  • To ensure that people with Huntington's Disease and their families have access to appropriate support and advice.
  • To ensure that people affected with Huntington's Disease have access to high quality services.

The Huntington's Advisors:
  • Provide a range of individual and family-based services including information, advocacy, education, problem resolution, advice and referral or networking
  • Provide information services to caregivers, health professionals, community agencies and the public
  • Maintain close liaison with clinical specialists, Home and Community Health Services, Central Regional Genetic Services, Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Services (NASC), Disability Services and relevant community and government agencies

The Huntington's Advisors manage flexible hours to meet needs of the HD families in their areas. They are contactable by cell phone or email any time. Answer phones are always on to take messages.

The Wellington Association:
  • Has three publications- Genes and Generations- Living with Huntington's Disease, Handbook on Health and Nutrition for those with Huntington's Disease, and Huntington's and Me- a Guide for Young People.
  • Works closely with the management and staff of Amaryllis House in Lower Hutt, the first residential unit dedicated to the care of those with HD in New Zealand.
  • Is involved in the organization of the National Huntington's Conference which is held every 2-3 years. This provides an opportunity for professional and family members to share information on the latest research and clinical care for those who are affected by HD.


Membership is open to individuals and families associated with HD and supporters of the Association. Annual membership (individual or family) is $20 but if anyone is unable to pay this they are not precluded from receiving the National Newsletter, or help from our Huntington's Advisors.


The Wellington and Central North Island Huntington's Trust was set up in 1993. The aim was to get enough funds to enable it to help with the day to day running of the Wellington association and /or specific projects. Bequests to the Trust can be made in cash, shares, real estate, or any other property and can be by way of a gift during your lifetime or can be bequeathed in your will. Bequests are free from estate duty. If you require further information please contact the Chairperson of the Trust, P O Box 30420, Lower Hutt 5040.

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